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WORKSHEET - SPLIT CUSTODY                            
Commonwealth of Virginia Va. Code � 20-108.2                              
                      MOTHER       FATHER
1. Monthly Gross Income (see instructions)         $     $  
2. Adjustments for spousal support payments (see instructions)                        
  a. Deduction from payor's income     -$     -$  
  b. Addition to recipient's income     $     $  
3. Adjustments for support of child(ren)(see instructions)     -$     -$  
4. Deductions from Monthly Gross Income allowable by law     -$     -$  
  (see instructions)              
5. a. Available monthly income           $     $  
  b. Combined monthly available income                              
    (combine both available monthly income fugures from line 5.a.)     $      
6. Percent obligation of each party (divide "available monthly income" on %     %
  line 5.a. by line 5.b.)                                
7. Number of children for which that person is the NONCUSTODIAL parent        
                      MOTHER       FATHER
8. a. Monthly basic child support obligation for number of children listed above                      
    (from schedule - see instructions) $     $  
  b. Monthly amount allowable for helth care coverage paid by OTHER parent                      
    (see instructions) $     $  
  c. Monthly amount allowable for employment-related child care expenses paid                      
    by OTHER parent (see instructions) $     $  
  d. Less actual monthly tax savings from child-care cost deductions or credits                  
    for OTHER parent (see instructions) $     $  
9. Total monthly child support obligation of each parent (add lines 8.a., $     $  
  8.b., and 8.c. and subtract 8.d. for each parent)                      
10. Total monthly child support obligation of each party (multiply line 6 by line 9) $     $  
                      MOTHER       FATHER
11. Adjustments (if any) to Child Support Guidelines Calculation (see instructions)                    
  a. Credit for benefits received by or for the child derived from the parent's -$     -$  
    entitlement to disability insurance benefits to the extent that such                      
    derivative benefits are included in a parent's gross income                      
  b. use +/- $     $  
  c. use +/- $     $  
12. Each party's adjusted obligation to other party         $     $  
13. Net payment       $     $  
VA FORM DC-638 v.2004-2005